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Effective: January 1, 2020.

All students participating in the class must agree to abide by the following enrollment agreement:

  1. Brighter Bee Academy reserve the right to take and utilize photographs, videos, or any type of recordings of participating children and their parents, caregivers, or anyone accompanying them to Brighter Bee Academy while engaged in our classes or associated activities. I  consent to Brighter Bee Academy's use of the photographs, videos, or recordings of my child, me, or the guardian I have designated for advertising, promotional, or related purposes, and waive all rights to compensation and other rights which may arise as a result. I understand and agree that the contact information I have provided herein will be added to the distribution list for Brighter Bee Academy and shared with partner and affiliate programs.

  2. I agree to supervise or designate a responsible adult to supervise my child prior to and immediately after his/her Brighter Bee Academy activities. I understand and agree that in case of allergic reaction, I am the first person responsible for attending to and treating my child. I understand and agree that Brighter Bee Academy teachers and staff are not permitted to change diapers or assist my child with other bathroom duties and that those requirements must be met by myself or my designated caregiver.

  3. All administrative questions must be referred to the office, not to the teachers. Your questions or comments are always welcome. Feel free to contact us via email at any time.

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