Our program helps kids learn and excel at chess through a structured, international chess curriculum that is designed to use chess as a teaching tool for problem-solving, creative thinking and abstract reasoning. 

Chess different Levels Assessment test







Chess Level 0 2021 Spring Semester (Absolute Beginner)


Level 0: Coach Gensay

  1. Introduction to Chess: Rules, board, notation, names of the pieces and moving the bishop rook and queen

  2. Moving the pieces: King, Pawn and Knight

  3. Special moves, point system and Checks

  4. Checkmate Basics: How to do a checkmate

  5. Stalemate Basics: What is it, is it good or not do it

  6. Practice playing and Capturing Pieces

  7. 4 Principles and How to Start a Game

  8. Chess Tactics: Forks, Pins and Skewer

  9. Exploiting Position, Winning Material

  10. Fool’s Mate and Lighting Attack: How to do it and how to defend it

  11. Playing against the Coach and Apply Course Knowledge

  12. Endgame Basics: Pawn, rook, knight, bishop and queen

  13. Endgame Basics: Double Rook and Single Queen Mate Techniques

  14. Chess Tactics: Forks, Pins and Skewer

  15. Exploiting Position, Winning Material

  16. Playing against the Coach and Apply the Course Knowledge 

  17. Defending Against Checkmate 

  18. Defending Against Double attack

  19. First Game Analysis 

  20. Course Review with Puzzles and Playtime

Ages 4 +
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Bilgen Saczi

With a current rating of above 2150, National Master Bilgen Saczi has represented Turkey in countries such as Georgia, Greece and Bulgaria. He is a frequent competitor at U.S. Congress Championships and even earned the titles of U2000 National Champion in 2015 and U2200 National Champion in 2017.

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Gensay Saczi

Started learning chess at the age of 5 and entered his first regional tournament at 6. Living in Istanbul, Turkey, he gained regional recognition. In his high school years he became the chess champion in Istanbul International Schools Chess Championship for 3 consecutive years. In his time in Millburn High School, for the first time MHS won an award in chess, by becoming second as a team in the New Jersey Chess Varsity tournament. With Bilgen and other two players, they also won the Top High School team title in The U.S . Amateur Team East Chess Championship 46th Anniversary in 2016. 

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Chess Level 1+ 2021 Spring Semester (Level 1 and Level 1+ of Fall should continue with this level)


 Level 1+: Coach Gensay​ 

  1. Defending Against a Pin

  2. Piece Mobility: Importance and Trapping

  3. Chess Opening: 4 Knights and Italian Opening

  4. Play Against the Coach and Apply Course Knowledge

  5. Introduction to 2 Move Checkmates

  6. Chess Tactics: Sacrifice and Double Check

  7. Elimination of Defense: Double Attack

  8. Elimination of Defense: Blocking

  9. Chess Opening: Scotch and Evan’s Gambit

  10. Play Against the Coach and Apply Course Knowledge

  11. Chess Tactics: Introduction to Discovered Attacks and Discovered Checks

  12. Punishing The Copycat: When To and Not To Copy

  13. Famous Checkmates: Anastasia’s and Arabian Mate

  14. Middle Game: Importance of Pawn Structure: Isolated, double, triple pawn islands

  15. Endgame Techniques: Pawn endgame

  16. Endgame Techniques: Single Rook Mate Techniques

  17. Chess Tactics: Rampant Rook and Perpetual Checks

  18. Game Analysis: Course Review

  19. Smothered Checkmate Technique

  20. Play Against the Coach and Apply Course Knowledge







Chess Level 2 2021 Spring Semester (Level 2 of Fall should continue with this level)


Level 2: Coach Gensay

  1. Moving into Complex 2-Move Checkmates

  2. Open Files

  3. Positional Evaluation

  4. Endgame Techniques: Positional pawn endgame

  5. Endgame Techniques: Positional rook endgame

  6. Chess Opening: Everything about Ruy Lopez Opening

  7. Chess Defense: Everything about Sicilian Opening

  8. Playing games (Using the openings that we learned)

  9. Chess Tactics: Discovered Attack, Advanced Forks and Pins

  10. Middle Game Strategies: Positional Planning

  11. Middle Game Strategies: Manipulating the Pawn Structure

  12. Play Against the Coach and Apply Course Knowledge

  13. Chess Opening Traps: Blackburn, Legal etc.

  14. Game Analysis: Famous Games

  15. Endgame: Pawn Race and King Chase

  16. Game Analysis: Course Review of Openings

  17. Students’ Game Analysis

  18. Sacrifice Mate Techniques and Tempo

  19. The Greek Gift: All Variations

  20. Play Against the Coach and Apply Course Knowledge







Chess Level 3 2021 Spring Semester (Level 3 of Fall should continue with this level)


Level 3: Coach Bilgen

  1. Moving into Complex 3-Move Checkmates

  2. Chess Tactics: See-saw Variations and the Petrosian Draw

  3. Advanced Mate Techniques: Murphy’s Mate etc.

  4. Chess Traps: Advanced Opening Traps

  5. Playing games (Using the advanced opening traps)

  6. Advanced Endgame Techniques: Zugzwang and Shelter

  7. Advanced Endgame Techniques: Double bishop mate, importance of bishop in the endgame

  8. Bishop vs Knight

  9. Famous Checkmate Techniques: Korchnoi’s Maneuver etc.

  10. Chess Opening: Queen’s Gambit and Introduction to d4

  11. Playing Games using the Queen’s Gambit

  12. Chess Defense: French Defense and Petrov’s Defense

  13. Playing Games using the French Defense and Petrov’s Defense

  14. Combination and Compensation

  15. Game Analysis: Focus on Queen’s Gambit

  16. Game Analysis: Focus on French Defense and Petrov’s Defense

  17. Bobby Fisher and the World Championship Analysis

  18. Attacking like Capablanca

  19. The Art of Defending by Petrosian

  20. Play Against the Coach and Apply Course Knowledge

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