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Course Features

Group Lessons

Our group lessons encourage discussion, a deeper understanding of the materials and proactive collaboration among students.

Weekly Tournaments

We provide an environment for safe tournaments that provides students with ample opportunities for practical application of their training and growth in their understanding of chess. 

Online Training Arena

Our online chess training helps students to work on their tactics and play against a computer of a similar level.

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Course Content


Our Level 0 program is for absolute beginners who have no background or experience with chess.

  • Introduction to Chess: Rules, board, notation, names of the pieces and moving the bishop rook and queen

  • Moving the pieces: King, Pawn and Knight

  • Special moves, point system and Checks

  • Checkmate Basics: How to do a checkmate

  • Stalemate Basics: What is it, is it good or not do it

  • Practice playing and Capturing Pieces

  • 4 Principles and How to Start a Game

  • Chess Tactics: Forks, Pins and Skewer

  • Setting Up a Double Attack: Real Attacks

  • Exploiting Position, Winning Material

  • Playing against the Coach and Apply Course Knowledge

  • How to Make a Draw: Different Types of Draw

  • Fool’s Mate and Lighting Attack: How to do it and how to defend it

  • Endgame Basics: Pawn, rook, knight, bishop and queen

  • Play Against the Coach and Summarize Course Knowledge

  • Endgame Basics: Double Rook and Single Queen Mate Techniques

  • Battery Attack: Basics

  • Playing against the Coach and Apply the Course Knowledge 

  • Defending Against Checkmate 

  • Defending Against Double attack

  • First Game Analysis 

  • Course Review with Puzzles and Playtime 

Class Schedule
  • IN-PERSON: Wednesdays, 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm

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