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Learning how to code at a young age can truly set up your child for a lifetime of success. In our digital age, not only is it important for kids to develop an understanding of technology around them, but also to use it to develop their confidence, communication and creativity.










Coding with Scratch Level I


Coding with Scratch Level I is especially designed for preschool children to get to know the mysterious and amazing world of coding. Starting from simple drag-and-drop, students will learn to connect blocks together to make programs. Our course uses a visual picture-based blocking coding platform that eliminates the need for typing and syntax. We focus more on the logic behind the code. Through connecting blocks to solve puzzles, make stories, design and play games, students will be taught to think in a logic and creative way. Let’s enjoy programming!..


  • Drag and Drop:
    By covering the most basic computer functions such as clicking, dragging, and dropping, we are going to build students’ first experience with computers and creating a more equal playing field in the class for future puzzles.

  • Sequencing Arrangement:
    Students will develop sequential algorithms to move a character from one side of a maze to the target at the other side. To do this they will stack code blocks together in a linear sequence, making the character move up, down, left, and right.

  • Loop Structures (Basic):
    Using loops is a very important skill in programming because manually repeating commands is tedious and inefficient. Students will learn to recognize patterns that need to be repeated, gather repeated code into loops, and add instructions to existing loops.

  • Drawing with Coding (Basic):
    Students learn to draw images and create patterns on the screen. At the end of this stage, students will be given the opportunity to create their own images using loops.

  • Events:
    Sometimes you want your program to be able to respond to the user exactly when the user wants it to. That is what events are for. Students will have the opportunity to learn how to use events in Play Lab and to apply all of the coding skills they've learned to create an animated game. It's time to get creative and make a story in the Play Lab!

  • Game Design (Basic):
    Students are going to learn how to design games using ScratchJr, an App specially designed for preschool children. By making animations and designing games, students can better master what they’ve learned in previous classes and make interesting and creative works that can be shared with their friends.

Ages 3.5 - 5 
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Jifang Duan received her Ph.D in Electronic & Electrical Engineering from University College London, UK. She has two bachelor 's degrees in Physics and Electronics.

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