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Our English Foundation programs provides students with the opportunity to master reading and writing skills and strategies, with focus on phonics, phonological awareness, high-frequency words, spelling, handwriting, grammar and vocabulary practice.

Ages 5 - 6 












Intensive English: K-1


In Intensive English: K-1, students engage in activities designed to improve their literacy skills. Language acquisition is a major objective of this class, as students learn basic phonics in conjunction with discovering new vocabulary words. Students will read short stories and map story elements such as setting and characters. In addition, students will engage in activities designed to develop their fine motor skills, which improves their handwriting. Lastly, students are exposed to proper English language mechanics through discussions and lessons on other subject contents such as mathematics and science. Students who enroll in this course should expect light weekly homework. The weekly lessons and independent practice prepares students to excel and thrive in Kindergarten, where a strong language foundation is critical to success.


  • Alphabet Knowledge - Students will be able to practice and master the following:

    • Letter-shape knowledge: ability to distinguish letters based on visual features (i.e. lines, curves, direction)

    • Letter-name knowledge: understanding that a letter is a symbol and that it has both an upper case and lower case form

    • Letter-sound knowledge: understanding that letters represent sounds

    • Letter-writing knowledge: ability to write letters of the alphabet 

  • Numbers - Learning numbers and counting from 1-10

  • Shapes - Identification and drawing of basic shapes

  • Colors - Identifying and writing colors

  • Book and Print Awareness - Students will understand concepts about books such as the title, author and illustrator of a book, as well as story element concepts.

  • Writing Skills - Pattern drawing, tracing words and letters, early sentence writing

  • Fine Motor Skills - Ease with cutting, drawing, holding markers

Class Structure

  1. Learn New Alphabets - Different letters are selected each class for students to learn how to write and pronounce

  2. Learn New Color/Number/Shape – Students will learn additional concepts in a circular method, where topics are introduced then circled back to and reviewed in later classes.

  3. Learn New Reading Concept - Students will learn reading concepts such as book concepts and story elements in a circular method, to reinforce understanding

  4. Writing Exercise - Students practice their writing skills with progressively difficult exercises to help them develop an ease with writing.

Danielle Larsen

Danielle graduated from LaSalle University with a dual degree in Early Childhood Education and Special Education with a minor in American Studies. She has been teaching 1st grade for 3 years at a Jersey City private school that pushes for academic advancement. Danielle also has experience teaching in the pre- k setting, most recently developing a curriculum that is currently being used at her school.

After school Danielle enjoys teaching cheerleading and gymnastics and reading in her spare time. She is very passionate about teaching reading and English development.