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Singapore Math   2021 Fall Semester


Singapore Math makes an emphasis on hands-on problems solving, and a powerful concrete-pictorial-abstract approach allows students to gain deeper conceptual understanding. In the concrete stage, students engage in hands-on learning experiences using physical objects.This is followed by drawing pictorial representations of mathematical concepts. Students then solve mathematical problems in an abstract way by using numbers and symbols. 

Singapore Math 1A

  • Time: Tuesday  5:00 - 5:45 pm 

  • Grade: pre-K, K 

  • Prerequisite: Know numbers within 10 

  • Book: Singapore Math Intensive Practice 1A (major) & 1B (minor) 

  • Curriculum 

  • Numbers: Knowing numbers through 100, Comparing and Ordering, Ordinal numbers. 

  • Operations: Start with number bonds; Knowing concepts of addition and subtraction; Working on addition and subtraction within 40. 

  • Geometry and Measurement: Shapes and Patterns 

  • Word Problem: Building number bonds, Making addition and subtraction stories, Solving the real-world problems.

Singapore Math 1B

  • Time: Wednesday 4:45 - 5:30 pm 

  • Grade: K, Grade 1

  • Book: Singapore Math Intensive Practice 1B 

  • Prerequisite: Know addition and subtraction within 20 

  • Numbers: Knowing numbers through 100; Comparing Numbers; Ordering Numbers 

  • Operations: Working on addition and subtraction within 100; Getting to know simple multiplication and division 

  • Geometry and Measurement:Picture Graphs, Length, Weight, Time, Money 

  • Word Problem: Measuring length, Weight and Time; Unit conversions; Making addition and subtraction equations, Solving the real-world problems 

Singapore Math 2

  • Time: Thursday 5:15 - 6:15pm

  • Grade: Grade 1 advanced, Grade 2 

  • Book: Singapore Math Intensive Practice 2A & 2B 

  • Prerequisite: know addition and subtraction within 1000 

  • Operations: Mental Calculation addition and subtraction; Reviewing Additions and Subtraction within 1000, Mastering multiplication and divisions, Getting to know Fractions 

  • Geometry: Properties of simple geometric figures, Shapes and Patterns(advanced) Measurement: Time(Advanced), Money(Advanced), Capacity 

  • Word Problem: Measuring time and Monty; Unit conversions; Two steps addition and subtraction word problems, Making multiplication and division stories and equations, Solving the real-world problems

Jingrou Wei

A Master graduate from NYU in Applied Mathematics , Ms. Wu worked as a analyst at NYC.

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