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2022 Summer Camp Application

How it works:

1. Download the application form

2. Submit the required paperwork and email to

Financial Aid Program Application

Families who register to Brighter Bee Academy(BBA) summer camp program are qualified to submit an application for assistance under the BBA’s Summer Financial Aid program. The applicator must be able to fill up the form and send the required paperwork before 8/30/2022. Our school seeks families who are committed to our vision, and who can make a significant contribution out of their own resources to make this education a priority for their children. Decisions to award aid are based solely on financial need.


Your child or children must be enrolled in Brighter Bee In-person Summer camp. After school, online classes and weekend music program are not eligible for financial aid. 



  • An application form must be submitted to the BBA's email:

  • Applicants' financial statements and corresponding documentation—Pay Stubs 2021 W-2 or 1099 2021 Official/Registered Tax Transcript SSI Other Income, Employer Income Letter (new employment only)—must be prepared. 

  • BBA then make the determination whether to award aid and notify the applicant family, which usually occurs within 2 -3 weeks of the submission of all required documentation to BBA.


Please note that the maximum amount of aid that can typically be awarded is 50% of the tuition based on financial need.


This is a confidential process meant to protect the privacy of the applicant and the recipient of Financial Aid:

  • Only the BBA's administrator will see the personal financial data.

  • Financial Aid awards will only be accessible to those school officials with a “need to know.”

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