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IEW Fix It Grammar II Part I


This course is designed for students who have completed both parts of Ms. Sydney’s Grammar Level I course. Students who enroll in this course should have completed The Nose Tree Workbook 1 and should now be ready to move to the more challenging Robin Hood Workbook 2.

Over the course of the year, students will review the basic parts of speech that they learned in Grammar Level I, and they will learn how to identify the different types of clauses and phrases that exist in the English language. Students will learn to find the main clause and dependent clause(s) in a sentence. They will also study the different types of dependent clauses (adverb clause, relative clauses, adverbial clauses). In addition, students in this class will explicitly study and practice punctuation rules related to these clauses.


This class is highly interactive, as the course features small in-class grammar competitions and teamwork activities. Students should be comfortable using the Zoom annotation feature to label and correct sentences in class.

Workbook is sold on the IEW website at:

Prerequisites: Grammar Level I Part I of II AND Grammar Level I Part II of II

Sample Class Activities and Homework Assignments


Ages 7+ 
Sydney Hoff

Besides writing for and editing magazines from 2009 to 2015, Sydney Hoff has also had teaching experience as an English language tutor, communication coach and teaching assistant.

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