The NYC G&T programs provide specialized and accelerated instruction for exceptional students able to pass its pre-assessment exam. Here at Brighter Bee, we understand the difficulty of the G&T test and are well-equipped with a rigorous preparation program to provide your child with the competence, confidence and necessary skills needed to pass.





G&T Preparation


  • Subject:  NYC G&T Test Preparation

  • Units of Study:  20 to 40 (Pre-assessment required)

  • Grade:  Pre K-4 / Kindergarten


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Nonverbal Practice

Pattern Completion

  • Familiar with colors and shapes

  • Finding the missing piece

Reasoning by Analogy

  • Logical Relationship between several geometric shapes

  • Matrix Structure of Analogies

  • Concepts of opposites, parts of a whole, geometrical symmetry

Serial Reasoning

  • Finding the next step in a geometric series based on a set of rules

  • Sequence of the shapes and how the sequence changes

  • Multiple series in the matrix

  • Concepts of Left, Right, Up, Down, Half, Clockwise, Anticlockwise, Overlap

Spatial Visualization

  • Figures combination and folding

  • Concepts of Rotation, Axis, Folding and unfolding

Verbal Practice

Following Directions

  • Listening and Comprehension Skills

  • Short-term Memory

  • Relational and Directional Vocabulary

  • Meanings of Conjunctions, ordinal numbers

  • Concepts of basic shapes, numbers, letters, sizes

  • Smart using elimination method

Aural Reasoning

  • Listening and Comprehension Skills and the Understanding of language and logic

  • General Knowledge of the World

  • Smart using elimination method

Arithmetic Reasoning

  • Complex Reasoning Skills

  • Knowledge of Math Vocabulary

  • Basic Math Concepts: Counting, Quantity, Estimation, Inequalities, Addition, Subtraction

  • Smart using elimination method

Mock Test

Ages 3 - 5 
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