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Our English Foundation programs provides students with the opportunity to master reading and writing skills and strategies, with focus on phonics, phonological awareness, high-frequency words, spelling, handwriting, grammar and vocabulary practice.










Intensive English: Kindergarten


Intensive English: K offers weekly themed classes aligned with the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for English Language Arts. The first half of this course focuses on phonemic awareness, phonics, high-frequency words, and category words while the second half of this course offers children opportunities to practice their writing in preparation for 1st Grade. Under the guidance of Ms. Paula, students will answer questions about the texts that they have read or heard. Reading and listening activities are excellent preparation for the standardized ELA testing to come in later years. Meaningful, guided group discussions expose students to proper English language mechanics. 


Students who enroll in this course should expect light weekly homework. The weekly lessons and independent practice prepare students to excel and thrive in their elementary years, where a strong language foundation is critical to success.


  • Reading Skills

    • Phonics & Phonemic Awareness​ - Develop a phonological awareness is about understanding the sound structure of spoken language at a phonemic level (blending individual sounds to form a word)

    • Recognizing Sight Words - Recognise grade-appropriate words and reading strategies for approaching new words

    • Reading Fluency - Able to engage in reading of familiar or unfamiliar text

    • Comprehension of Text -Identify key details, characters, settings and events in stories.

  • Writing Skills​

    • Handwriting Skills - ​Print correct letter shape, size, spacing, and smoothness

    • Written Communication - Express ideas in writing using emergent spelling and known sight words

Class Structure

  1. Focus on Phonics - Each week, students are introduced to a new phoneme and how to blend given phoneme to form a word 

  2. High-Frequency Words - Review and application of age-appropriate sight word 

  3. Category Words - Depending on each week's theme, students are introduced to a variety of new vocabulary words within that theme

  4. Comprehension - Students are given a new text each week to learn and apply a wide variety of reading skills

Ages 5 - 6 
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