At Brighter Bee, we recognize the value of having a first and second language and how bilingualism offers a lifetime of benefits to your child in our increasingly interconnected world.

Beginner Level

3.5-5 years

Our Beginner Level Program is a highly interactive Chinese exploration program designed for 3.5-6 year old who do not have previous Chinese language background.


4-5  years

Young Explorers is a one-year theme-based program that incorporates language games, stories, songs, content-based activities such as science experiments, and seasonal and cultural topics related to children’s daily lives.

ShuangShuang Chinese

6+ years

This program integrates Shuangshuang Chinese textbooks with seasonal themes, subject matter concepts in history, geography, science, and ancient Chinese myths, legends, and fables reading. 

 Intensive Chinese

7+ years

This program focuses on developing reading and writing skills in a small group setting (3 - 4 students).