Math Olympiad Fall Semester






Math Olympiad Prep (1st grade/Advanced K)  

Prerequisite: Master addition & subtraction problems within 20; understand addition & subtraction within 100

Main Topics:

  • Calculation: The concept of multiplication and division; Finding patterns & completing the patterns; Efficient addition & subtraction calculations 

  • Counting: Real life probability, counting 2D & 3D shapes; The split strategy with/without regrouping

  • Combinatorics: Sorting & classifying shapes; Matchstick puzzles; Reflectional (mirror) symmetry; The understanding of odd & even; numeral comparison; fun dice problems; clock angle problems

  • Puzzles: Filling in the “plus” and “minus” signs; equation puzzles

  • Geometry: The learning of angles; Shape composition/decomposition; 3D shapes; Multi-view—Basic three-view drawings

  • Word problem: Measuring lengths with different units; unit conversions; ordinal numbers; two-step multiplication and division word problems

  • Number theory: None

Yumeng Chen

A graduate from the University of Massachusetts Amherst, Yumeng Chen was previously an International chess champion and also the first runner-up in the Chinese Mathematical Olympiad.

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Math Olympiad Level 1 (2nd grade/1st grade) 

Prerequisite: Master addition & subtraction problems within 100; understand the concepts of multiplication and division; multiplication facts fluency

Main Topics:

  • Calculation: Efficient addition & subtraction problem calculations; looking for patterns in number sequences; looking for shape patterns (advanced); addition & subtraction equations

  • Counting: Counting regular 2D & 3D shapes

  • Combinatorics: Odd & even number problems (basic); basic logic reasoning; matchstick puzzles; eulerian path

  • Puzzles: Filling signs; vertically stacked shapes puzzle; addition & subtraction puzzles with vertically stacked numbers; Sudoku puzzle

  • Geometry: The transformations of 2D shapes; the learning of 2D & 3D shapes; nets for 3D shapes; multi-view—advanced three-view drawings

  • Word problem: Measurement; age problems (basic); balance scale; backwards reasoning strategy; sum, difference, & multiple (basic);    

  • Number theory: Division with no remainder (basic)



Math Olympiad Level 2 (3rd grade/2nd grade) 

Prerequisite: Master the 4 operations

Main Topics:

  • Calculation: Efficient multiplication & division problem calculations; the distributive property of multiplication; arithmetic—the 4 operations; the sum of arithmetic sequences

  • Counting: The split strategy; enumeration; dendrogram

  • Combinatorics: Pigeonhole principle, strategy games for odd & even numbers

  • Puzzles: Multiplication & division puzzles with vertically stacked numbers

  • Geometry: Calculations of lengths and angles; compose shapes

  • Word problem: Sum, difference, & multiple (advanced); profit & loss problems; ancient Chinese puzzle--- chicken & rabbit (basic); ancient Chinese puzzle--- chicken & rabbit (advanced)

  • Number theory: Division with no remainder (advanced)



Math Olympiad Level 3 (4th grade/3rd grade)  

Prerequisite: Master the 4 operations, some knowledge of fractions, percentages, and decimals

Main Topics:

  • Calculation: Efficient multi-digit problem calculations; efficient decimal problem calculations; calculations of number sequences using formulas

  • Counting: Addition principle; multiplication principle; formulas for permutations & combinations

  • Combinatorics: Analysis of odd & even; problems involving overall planning; logic reasoning; problems involving maximum; strategic games; pigeonhole problems (advanced)

  • Puzzles: Advanced vertically stacked calculations; vertically stacked letters; Sudoku puzzle

  • Geometry: Area (formula & calculation)

  • Word problem: Age problems (advanced); profit & loss problems (advanced); sum, difference & multiple (advanced); distance problems (basic)—motion either in opposite directions or the same direction; distance problems (advanced)— round trip questions; Problems involving arithmetic mean

  • Number theory: Prime & composite numbers; common divisor & common multiple



Math Olympiad Level 4 (5th grade/4th grade)  

Prerequisite: Master the operations involving fractions, percentages, and decimals; some knowledge of geometry and number theory

Main Topics:

  • Calculation: Whole number splitting; fractions & repeating decimals; fraction splitting; equation system solving

  • Counting: Inclusion-Exclusion Principle; counting in geometry, number puzzles, and number theory

  • Combinatorics: Logical reasoning

  • Puzzles: Place value 

  • Geometry: Area problem solving; area of a circle and a sector (basic); solid geometry

  • Word problem: Word problems involving equations; problems involving boats & streams; distance problems (advanced)---ratios; mixture word problems; indefinite equation; the concepts of direct & inverse proportion, with application

  • Number theory: Rounding; carrying; remainder