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Mommy & Me

Mommy & Me Program Highlights
  • Story-based lessons that cover topics related to the four seasons

  • Engaging, fun activities to learn Mandarin

  • Music, movement, songs are incorporated

  • Social emotional skills are developed through interactions with other children

  • Perfect opportunity to bond with your child 

M&M Registration

Registration is now closed for our Mommy & Me classes on Saturdays!


Stephanie Li


Join us every Saturday as we sing new and old songs and nursery rhymes. We will add rhythm and movement to get our students' whole body involved. We will also encourage the children to learn and explore different instruments, like Piano and Violin. Children are welcome to sing or listen.

Exposing children to music and singing at a young age helps their brain development. It increases their ability to use language and gets them ready for reading. But lets not forget, music is just fun!!
In this course we will sing classic children's songs, letter and number songs, and songs about the different seasons and holidays throughout the year. We will sing old and new songs that cover different topics that interest children.


This course is designed for students to continue each week, or drop in on occasion for topics that interest them. Classes do not build on each other, but follow a consistent outline which is important for young learners.

Class Schedule
  • IN-PERSON: Saturdays, 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

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