Brighter Bee Academy is pround to partner with Musart Music to bring you the highest quality music program.

Novice Program (I&II)

  • A program designed for beginning students, students studying a second instrument, and those pursuing instrumental studies for enjoyment.
  • Students receive weekly 30 minutes/45 minutes /60 minutes private lessons.
  • Instructors create a low-pressure environment for students and families in order to make instrumental learning a fun-filled experience for the students.
  • Students will have short weekly practice goals with a minimal time commitment.
  • Students perform in enjoyable mid-term, end-of-year concerts, and weekly performance class.
  • Weekly performance classes also provide opportunities for students to share their newfound skills.
  • Private teachers reinforce theory and ear training skills in regular weekly lessons.
  • Instruction supports student participation in NYSSMA and ABRSM.


  • Intended for the serious music student, this program is designed to establish strong foundational musical skills.
  • Students receive weekly 45 minute or 60 minute private lessons on their primary instrument.
  • All students take a secondary 30 or 45 minute one-to-one music knowledge course each week. All students will study music theory and ear training. Pianists will study advanced keyboard skills, working on performing figured bass and transposing on sight. String and flute students will study piano as a secondary instrument.
  • Students will also enroll in a chamber music ensemble, which will be assigned based on age and ability level.
  • Students are regularly evaluated on their practice quality, repertoire preparation, class participation, attitude, and effort.
  • Continuing enrollment in the Apprentice program is based on above evaluations.
  • Students perform one solo recital per year, with the duration based on age and ability level. Students may split a recital slot with one or two other students of similar ability levels.
  • Students will perform in a mid-term concert, end-of-year concert, and at weekly performance classes.
  • Opportunities will also be available to have one lesson per year at the Juilliard School in order to experience studying in that environment. Students in this program will be extremely well-prepared for NYSSMA and ABRSM.


  • Admission is based on a live audition. We recommend at least two years of serious (Apprentice-level) study prior to auditioning for the Artist program.
  • In addition to continued instruction at the Apprentice level, students in the artist program work with instructors to create a digital artist portfolio, including headshots, performance photos, and audio and video recordings.
  • Musart will arrange additional public concert and event performance opportunities for all artists.
  • Artists will have access to periodic recording sessions.
  • Artists will collaborate with others in the Artist Program and professional musicians on projects in a variety of genres (classical, jazz, etc.)
  • Students must continue to meet Apprentice-level evaluation markers and regularly participate in Artist events in order to remain in the program