Our Mission

As a community of learners, we recognize each child's uniqueness and encourage them to soar intellectually and creatively.

Our Vision

We are committed to helping your child develop an understanding of important concepts, acquire essential skills, develop particular attitudes and learn to take socially responsible actions.

Core Beliefs

Community Mindedness


We recognize the impact of families, educators, peers, and the community on a child's educational success, and encourage students to interact with the broader community to understand the relevance of what they are learning.

Experiential, Life-Long Learning


We motivate children's desire to learn, explore and grow continually by creating an engaging and experiential learning environment. By creating an authentic, nurturing, warm and ultimately, transformative environment, we ignite the child's desire to learn and connect with their surroundings.



We provide children with a range of supervised activities intentionally designed to encourage learning and development outside of the typical school day.

Proven Models


Brighter Bee Academy embraces the best practices developed by educators around the world, and enhance them through our own unique pedagogy.