Zhi Luo graduated from NYU with a Master's in Digital Imaging and Design. She is an award-winning CG artist and filmmaker. She has worked with clients like Disney Junior, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Sci-fi, Majesco Entertainment, CDC, Pringles, Hershey's, Morgan Spurlock and more. Her style is fun, whimsical and warm.  She became more passionate about children's education after working in the children's shows and campaign about reading. In 2017, she had two children's books published. They were later picked by the Nolen's Children's Library in MET. In 2019, Zhi created a series of illustrations for chain schools in Shenzhen, China. 


New York University

       -Digital Imaging and Design             

Hongkong University of Science and Technology                               

         -Computer Science and information Engineering         


  • Making Art with Masters

  • Storytelling Through Art

  • Art and the World Around Us