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Hanyang Zhou and Xiaojun Jin both made it into the Manhattan School of Music Precollege program! They have been learning and polishing their piano skills under Mr Zhang at Brighter Bee Academy for over 2 years. 



At the 2023 MOEMS Competition Primary and Secondary School Group, our remarkable students have garnered an impressive array of medals including 1 Gold Medal and 7 Silver Medals.


Our Math Kangaroo participants have also achieved remarkable success. Out of the entire country, we have an astounding 5 students ranking in the top 20. Furthermore, we are delighted to announce that in the Math League NJ District, our 6th-grade students have claimed both the first and second places in the 6th Grade (Jump Grade) category.


Yiyi Huang won II Prize at the XIV Chopin International Piano Competition, Hartford, CT. She played Chopin Etude Op25 No. 7 and Haydn Sonata in F Major 1st Movement, and had been learning and polishing her piano skills under Mr. Zhang at Brighter Bee Academy for more than 2 years.  



Luna Yang performed《稻香》at the Queens Theater in the final round of Let's Sing Kids New York. Her performance won the 3rd place in group A (age 6-8).


5 of our students won prizes at the 99 Ranch Mother's Day Kids Drawing Contest! Prizes include:

  • Grand Prize, Luna Yang, 7

  • Grand Prize, Evelyn Kim, 6

  • First Prize, Anya Chen, 8

  • First Prize, Alice Semenova, 6

  • Outstanding, Chloe Song, 8

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Congratulations to Charlotte Lu and Luna Yang from Ms. Luo's Ukulele class. They won Best Modeling Award, and got into Top 10 Performance of Super Baby USA Contest by CCTV. They are invited to travel to China to perform on TV this summer.

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