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Class Policies

Effective: January 17, 2022.

For details on our policies, please refer to the information below. Please note that we take violations of our policies seriously, and we have no obligation to make accommodations to users who are found to violate these terms. 

Disruptive Behavior Policy

Brighter Bee Academy reserves the right to address disruptive behavior exhibited by students enrolled in our programs. In cases where a student's repeated disruptive behavior significantly interferes with the educational experience of others or disrupts the classroom environment, we retain the discretion to take appropriate action, including but not limited to removal from the class or program.

Parents or guardians of students engaging in disruptive behavior will be promptly notified of the situation. We expect parents or guardians to collaborate with us in addressing behavioral issues and reinforcing the importance of respectful conduct.

By enrolling a student in Brighter Bee Academy's programs, parents or guardians acknowledge and agree to abide by this Disruptive Behavior Policy. We appreciate your cooperation in maintaining a conducive learning environment for all students. Brighter Bee Academy reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, with or without prior notice.

Late Pick-Up Policy

All children enrolled at Brighter Bee Academy must be picked up by or before the end of their scheduled class time. In the event of an emergency preventing timely pickup, parents or guardians are required to promptly notify the school, providing information on their whereabouts and expected time of arrival.

A late pickup fee will be charged for instances where a child is picked up within 30 minutes after the end of their class. The fee is $10 for pickups within this timeframe. For pickups that exceed 30 minutes past the scheduled end time, a late pickup fee of $15 will be charged.

Parents or guardians are expected to settle the late fee on the same day as the incident. In cases where immediate payment is not feasible, the late fee must be paid no later than the following day. Repeated instances of late pickups may result in further action, including the termination of the child's enrollment at Brighter Bee Academy. 

By enrolling a child in our programs, parents or guardians acknowledge and agree to adhere to the terms of this Late Pickup Policy. Brighter Bee Academy reserves the right to modify this policy at any time, with or without prior notice.

Make-up Class and Class Recording Policy (Online and In-Person Classes) 

Suppose a child cannot attend their regularly scheduled class time. In that case, Brighter Bee Academy will allow the child to attend the same class at a different time, if it is offered, or Brighter Bee Academy will allow the child to attend a make-up class. Such accommodations can be made only two (2) times per semester, and cannot be applied to any camps. 

Trial Class Commitment Policy (In-Person Language Classes)

Brighter Bee Academy requires students interested in attending our in-person Language Classes to attend at least ONE month of trial classes. We will not offer one-time trial classes for our Language Classes. We understand that a child's progress after one class may not be reflective of their true linguistic potential and therefore require at least a month's commitment.

Course Refund Policy​​ (Online Classes)

Before the second week of each semester, Brighter Bee Academy provides a full prorated refund for the session’s remaining classes to any parent who requests a withdrawal via Once the second week of the semester begins, Brighter Bee Academy does not offer refunds under any circumstances.


Brighter Bee Academy does not offer refunds for missed classes. In addition, Brighter Bee reserves the right to cancel classes due to low enrollment. If Brighter Bee cancels a class, Brighter Bee will issue a full refund to the original method of payment.

Course Refund, Cancellation and Make-up Class Policies (1-On-1 Music/Vocal Class)

Cancellation or rescheduling requests must be submitted at least 24 hours before the scheduled class. Failure to do so will result in the forfeiture of your class fee, and no refunds will be provided. Additionally, if you fail to notify us of a cancellation or request to reschedule at least 24 hours in advance, you will not be eligible for a makeup class.

If a child is unable to attend their scheduled class, Brighter Bee Academy may offer the option for the child to attend the same class at a different time, if available, or provide access to the class recording. However, such accommodations will be granted a maximum of two (2) times per semester.

Course Refund, Cancellation and Make-up Class Policies (Group Vocal Class)

Brighter Bee Academy does not offer refunds or make-up classes for missed group vocal classes.

Late Payment

Brighter Bee Academy reserves the right to take necessary action in cases of late payment for tuition or other fees. This may include, but is not limited to, the removal of the child from the class or program until payment is received. Parents or guardians will be notified in advance of any such actions.


Transfer Policy​​

If you wish to transfer your child to a different level for the same class, you may do so once during each semester.


No Guarantees or Warranties

This agreement is for the provision of class time. Brighter Bee Academy makes no guarantees or warranties concerning a Student’s performance as a result of any tutoring time provided. Brighter Bee Academy will work to help the student succeed, but test results and other outcomes depend on the Student.


Limitation of Liability

In the event of litigation, Brighter Bee Academy’s total liability shall not exceed the amount of money that the Student paid Brighter Bee Academy for services rendered.


Other Terms & Conditions

Brighter Bee Academy may, at its sole discretion, cancel a class or remove a child from a class. In such a situation, the Student will not be allowed to continue enrolling in a class and Brighter Bee Academy will within 10 business days refund the original method of payment a pro-rated amount for all unused classes in the semester. The Student will have no recourse other than this refund.

Severability Clause

Suppose any provision of this Agreement is held illegal or unenforceable in a judicial proceeding. In that case, such provision shall be severed and shall be inoperative, and the remainder of this Agreement shall remain operative and binding on the Parties.

Photo and Video Release 

Brighter Bee Academy reserves the right to take and utilize photographs, videos, or any recordings of participating children and their parents, caregivers, or anyone accompanying them to Brighter Bee Academy while engaged in our classes or associated activities. I  consent to Brighter Bee Academy's use of the photographs, videos, or recordings of my child, me, or the guardian I have designated for advertising, promotional, or related purposes, and waive all rights to compensation and other rights which may arise as a result. I understand and agree that the contact information I have provided herein will be added to the distribution list for Brighter Bee Academy and shared with partner and affiliate programs.

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