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Course Features


Our dance classes for kids offer a dynamic platform for them to unleash their imagination. Your child will have the opportunity to create their own unique movements, fostering creativity and self-expression.

Physical Fitness

Through energetic routines and playful activities, our classes keep kids on their feet, promoting physical fitness in an enjoyable way.


Dance demands dedication and concentration. As kids work on perfecting techniques and mastering routines, they develop discipline, patience, and the ability to focus on both small details and the bigger picture.

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Course Content


Strengthening your dancers flexibility is one of the most important aspects of dance. These are the classes that you don’t want to skip because they are strategically placed right before a Jazz, Ballet or Contemporary class. The stretch classes allow your dancer to warm up and practice new stretches right before our technique classes which is beneficial both to their overall skill and enhances their performance in the technique classes.

About Jessica Lu
Started learning Chinese dance at the age of 4, during her student years, she has repeatedly represented the school in large-scale literary and artistic performances and competitions, achieving remarkable results and gaining abundant stage experience. After coming to New York, she has never given up her pursuit of art, persisting in the study and performance of dance, and has been invited to participate in various performances multiple times. She excels in classical dance, ethnic dance, C-pop, and more. Her teaching is serious and rigorous, and her style is warm and lively, which is highly appreciated by students and parents.

Class Schedule
  • IN-PERSON: Wednesdays, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

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