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Course Features

Language Skills

Through storytelling and drama activities, children enrich their language skills by using new vocabulary, sentence structures, and expressive language.

Social Skills

Our classes encourage kids to communicate effectively, collaborate with their peers, and respect each other's ideas and contributions, enhancing social skills and empathy.


Performing in front of others, sharing their creative expressions, and receiving positive feedback helps them gain confidence in their abilities and fosters a sense of achievement.

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Course Content


We are excited about our new partnership with Grammy, Tony & Emmy-nominated Broadway star N’Kenge. She just finished playing the role of The Moon in New York Times’s Top Pick Broadway revival Caroline, or Change. N’Kenge has created a special combo class just for us combining Musicals & Theatre Plays where students will work together on scenes, monologues, and musical numbers. This class allows for dramatic exploration that can provide learners with an outlet for emotions, thoughts, and dreams that they might not otherwise have the means to express. Each student will have the opportunity of exploring new characters inspired by their own personal experience or through characters that they admire in literature. N’Kenge will work hand in hand with the students in creating a show that will be specific to showcasing each student’s strongest attributes that will culminate in a performance at the end of the semester.

  • Cultivate Creativity: The primary objective of this drama class is to foster creativity in young students. Through various games, role-playing, and storytelling exercises, children will be encouraged to use their imaginations to invent characters, settings, and exciting adventures.

  • Boost Confidence: As children engage in drama activities, they will gain confidence in expressing themselves in front of others. Through positive reinforcement and a non-judgmental atmosphere, students will feel encouraged to share their ideas and performances.

  • Enhance Communication Skills: Effective communication is a crucial life skill. In this class, students will learn to articulate their thoughts, feelings, and ideas with clarity and confidence. They will practice listening to others, responding appropriately, and collaborating in group settings.

  • Develop Emotional Intelligence: Drama is a wonderful medium for exploring emotions and empathy. Through various dramatic scenarios and role-playing, students will learn to recognize and understand emotions, both their own and others', fostering emotional intelligence and sensitivity.

  • Improve Concentration and Focus: Drama activities require students to focus on their roles, cues, and the overall narrative. Through fun games and exercises, children will develop better concentration skills and the ability to stay engaged in various tasks.

  • Promote Teamwork and Cooperation: Drama often involves working as part of a team to create a performance. Students will learn the value of teamwork, cooperation, and respecting each other's ideas and contributions.

  • Body Language and Expression: Children will explore various forms of non-verbal communication, including body language and facial expressions, to enhance their storytelling abilities and convey emotions effectively.

  • Explore Different Characters and Stories: From fairy tales to animals and superheroes, students will have the chance to step into the shoes of various characters, exploring different narratives and perspectives.

  • End of Term Showcase: At the end of the term, students will have the opportunity to showcase their creativity and newfound skills in a small performance for parents and peers, celebrating their growth and achievements.

Class Schedule
  • IN-PERSON: Mondays, 4:30 pm - 5:25 pm

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