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Course Features

Group Lessons

Students have the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions about strategies they are using to solve the problems they are working on.

Math Competitions

We organize math competition teams for Math Kangaroo, MOEMS and other math contests. Instructions and training are provided to help the students be well prepared and build confidence in the math competitions.


Ongoing assessments are arranged via monthly tests and weekly homework, to make sure the students master the contents of the courses and make good progress in their learning journey.

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Course Content


This course covers the content from GT tests and private school entry exams. This will help improve students' concentration, memory and critical thinking abilities.

  • Number & picture analogies

  • Number puzzles

  • Arithmetic reasoning

  • Number series

  • Spatial visualization

  • Pattern completion

  • Figural series

  • Following directions

  • Picture concepts

  • Oral vocabulary

  • Aural reasoning

  • Verbal classification

  • Verbal reasoning

  • Relational concepts

Class Schedule
  • IN-PERSON: Thursdays, 3:30pm - 4:30pm

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